Natural eyebrows with semi-permanent make-up

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Natural eyebrows with semi-permanent make-up

Natural eyebrows with semi-permanent make-up

Would you like to intensify your eyes and give your face a new radiance? There are 2 semi-permanent make-up techniques for a perfect eyebrow line.

Are your eyebrows sparse, asymmetrical or too thin? Opt for
to redefine the curve of your eyebrows, imitating the hair perfectly for a natural result.

If you want to give your eyebrows a powdery, made-up look, Microshading is for you: its aim is to produce a shading effect similar to that of eyebrow pencil.

Because every face is different, the most suitable semi-permanent make-up method will be chosen according to your morphology and the initial structure of your eyebrows.


What is Microblading at Epilium & Skin?

Microblading is an extremely precise manual pigmentation technique that reproduces the natural curvature of the hair. It is performed using a pen fitted with a small disposable blade, which enables the pigments to be inserted just below the surface layers of the skin.

What is Microshading at Epilium & Skin?

It’s also a semi-permanent make-up technique for shaping and densifying the eyebrow by inserting pigments in the form of tiny dots with blurred contours. The eyebrow then appears fuller.

These two techniques can be combined to create a blend of soft strokes and shadows.

What are the indications?

Correct eyebrow asymmetry to restore balance

Facial asymmetry is a natural and common occurrence. Very few people have symmetrical eyebrows. The Microblading will correct this imbalance and create harmony between your two eyebrows.

In general, the aim is to restore balance by subtly lowering one eyebrow and raising the other, while preserving the existing hairs.

Our technician, working with a practice-specific ruler and make-up pencil, will be able to redraw them and check their symmetry. At the same time, she can add shape and thickness to suit your requirements. The result can be visualized and, if necessary, corrected before the semi-permanent tattoo is applied.

Filling in sparse eyebrows

The aim is to manually create very fine lines imitating hair in places where there is less of it. The result is denser, fuller eyebrows with more volume. This technique can also be combined with Microshading, which creates shadows for even greater depth.

Recreating a non-existent eyebrow

Whether due to illness, alopecia or genetics, dermopigmentation is the ideal way to reshape the eyebrows of those who are bereft.

allows us to recreate the illusion of hair, drawing it out one by one for a perfectly natural appearance. The most important step is to draw their line and choose the pigment color closest to your natural skin tone.

Lengthen a short eyebrow to reshape the face

An eyebrow that’s too short gives the illusion of a severe look, so lengthening it willsoften your features and restore balance to the upper third of your face.

Why restructure and reshape eyebrows to intensify the look?

  • Because your eyebrow needs to be totally or partially repositioned so that its shape enhances your look.
  • Because their initial shape is too thick or too thin
  • Because by dint of waxing or tweezing, you’ve lost their line and they’re no longer properly defined.

Our Epilium & Skin expert in semi-permanent make-up will redesign their line to suit your face shape, while seeking to enlarge your eyes.

Who can benefit from semi-permanent eyebrow make-up?

and Microshading are suitable for both men and women. They are suitable for all skin types, hair types and eyebrow colors.

What are the advantages of semi-permanent make-up?

  • Create a perfect eyebrow, whatever its initial shape
  • Process tailored to each individual
  • Saves time in the morning: no need to apply eyebrow makeup
  • Pigments fade naturally

What pigments we use at Epilium & Skin

We use natural vegan pigments free of iron oxides, chosen for their longevity and stability.

These pigments are hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

The wide color range means you can find the perfect shade for your phototype, skin tone and eye color.

All are designed and marketed by Phi Academy, specialists in cosmetic solutions.

Hygienic conditions

All dermo-pigmentation sessions are preceded by rigorous disinfection of the area to be tattooed.

The equipment used is sterile and single-use.

What’s more, our expert is certified in hygiene and sanitation to ensure a safe protocol throughout the procedure.

Semi-permanent make-up results

Your eyebrow line is harmonized, in line with your desired result and the anatomy of your face.

Although the pigments fade within 12 to 18 months, you can carry out touch-up sessions every 6 to 12 months to maintain and prolong your result.

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