Electrolysis hair removal for women

Electrolysis hair removal is an ideal solution for women seeking a permanent hair removal method. This technique targets each hair follicle individually, ensuring the removal of stubborn hairs that don’t respond well to other methods. At Epilium & Skin Paris, we use state-of-the-art equipment to offer you an effective and comfortable treatment.

Electrolysis hair removal is suitable for all skin and hair types, offering flexibility that few other hair removal methods can guarantee. You won’t have to worry about unwanted regrowth or visible irregularities. This personalized, meticulous approach is particularly suited to sensitive areas of the body.

You deserve the best for your skin. At Epilium & Skin, our medical specialists are trained to ensure not only the effectiveness of the treatment, but also respect for your comfort and well-being. We invite you to discover the benefits of smooth, long-lasting skin with our electrolysis hair removal services for women.

What is electrolysis hair removal?

Electrolysis is a precise and permanent method of removing unwanted hair. It is often preferred when treating specific areas or hair that is resistant to other hair removal methods.

The principle of electrolysis

Electrolysis is based on the use of a sterile needle inserted into the hair follicle. An electrical impulse is then delivered to destroy the hair bulb. This method can use different techniques such as thermolysis (high frequency) or blending (combination of thermolysis and electrolysis with voltage).

This technique is distinguished by its effectiveness on all types of hair and skin. Each session is tailored to hair density and resistance. A sophisticated electrical device allows precise adjustment of frequency and voltage, ensuring long-lasting hair removal.

When should electric hair removal be used on women?

Electrolysis hair removal is particularly indicated in certain cases where laser hair removal is not as effective. For example, it’s ideal for light, red or gray hairs, which absorb laser energy less well.

For small areas such as the face, electrolysis delivers surgical precision. What’s more, this method makes it possible to treat areas where paradoxical regrowth would otherwise occur with laser treatment.

Finally, electrolysis is often the solution for residual hair after several laser sessions. At Epilium & Skin Paris, we use this technique to offer a complementary and effective method of permanent hair removal.

Areas for electrolysis hair removal on women

Electrolysis is a precise, effective method for removing unwanted hair from women. At Epilium & Skin Paris, we treat different areas of the body with care and expertise.

  • The face is a common area for electric hair removal. We work on hormone-dependent areas of the face such as the chin, cheeks and sideburns. These areas often require special attention for optimum results.
  • The neck and nape of the neck also benefit from our electric hair removal treatment, for a long-lasting, well-groomed finish. You can say goodbye to visible hair and regain smooth, radiant skin.
  • Hair removal from the arms, especially the upper arms, can be used to treat hair that is difficult to remove using other methods. This ensures soft, even skin.
  • L’
    electrolysis of the abdomen
    removes unsightly hairs from the abdominal line.
  • For the upper thighs and lower back, electrolysis hair removal is ideal. These areas, often affected by thick hair, respond well to the precision of electrolysis.
  • Finally, we also work on sensitive areas such as the breasts,
    and buttocks.

Our meticulous approach guarantees safe and comfortable treatment. You’ll regain your self-confidence with unwanted hair-free skin.

At Epilium & Skin Paris, our priority is your satisfaction and comfort.

high-frequency hair removal room
electric hair removal room

Advantages and disadvantages of electric hair removal for women

When considering electrolysis hair removal, it’s essential to weigh up the positive and negative aspects. This technique can offer definitive and effective results, but also entails potential risks that need to be taken into account.

Effectiveness and final results

Electrolysis is a proven method for permanent hair removal. By destroying the hair bulb with an electric current, this technique prevents hair regrowth. You’ll benefit from a lasting solution after several sessions.

At Epilium & Skin Paris, we use the most advanced technologies. Each session is customized to your skin and hair type to maximize results while minimizing discomfort. Although some may experience slight pain during the session, anaesthetic creams are available to provide optimum comfort.

Potential side effects

Despite its many advantages, electrolysis does have some potential side effects. You may experience redness, swelling or even scabbing in the treated areas. These symptoms are temporary and can be alleviated with post-treatment soothing creams.

Important considerations before proceeding

Before starting electrolysis hair removal, it’s crucial to take certain considerations into account to ensure that the procedure is adapted to your medical profile and that the choice of practitioner is made with discernment.

Contraindications to electrolysis hair removal

Certain medical conditions may make electrolysis hair removal unsuitable for some patients. For example, diabetic patients may be more prone to infections and scarring disorders, requiring extra attention. Individuals with heart disease or metal implants should not use this form of hair removal.

People with inflammatory skin or common dermatological problems such as eczema or psoriasis also need to be vigilant. Pregnant or breast-feeding women are generally advised not to undergo this procedure, due to hormonal changes.

Choice of practitioner and safety criteria

Choosing a qualified practitioner is essential for safe and effective hair removal. Opt for an experienced professional, preferably a dermatologist or aesthetic physician, who uses approved equipment. High frequency is often used in modern devices to guarantee optimal results and minimize side effects.

Make sure the practitioner uses a sterile handpiece and single-use needles for each session. Also check the practice’s safety protocols, including environmental hygiene and infection risk management. You can ask for references or reviews from previous patients to reassure yourself of the practitioner’s competence.

Epilum & Skin customer reviews

Wassila Benaziza

I had my first electrolysis session on my chin today and I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with it. I’d recommend this institute, a very pleasant person who even made you forget this slightly unpleasant moment (yes, it’s tingling all the same). I can’t wait to go back and see the first results 🤞

Jessy Perreira

I’ve been a patient at this center for 10 years, and the kindness, support and follow-up provided by the professionals are to be commended! I highly recommend the laser (follow-up and test beforehand), and it turns out that I have nothing to say about my underarms, legs and bikini line, which I’m continuing to treat electrically. I highly recommend it!

Sophia Sid-otmane

I’m on my third session… and frankly I’m completely satisfied. The quality of the services is top-notch, and the cleanliness of the premises is beyond reproach. The lady who looks after me is admirably kind and remarkably professional.
I highly recommend this institute.

Sandrine Lopes

Second waxing session, result already super satisfying! The person takes care of everything and is very attentive throughout the treatment. Very clean premises, I recommend! Why I didn’t start sooner !!!!

Nadia Ania


Excellent welcome, top-notch staff, very attentive, warm and attentive. Very clean and hygienic premises. I’ll definitely be back! I recommend it.

Angy’s workshop

Superb team, attentive and able to answer all your questions. Whether it’s hair removal or aesthetic medicine, you can go in with your eyes closed. And what can we say about the place, which is spotlessly clean.

Pricing and coverage

When considering electrolysis hair removal at Epilium & Skin, several factors influence the cost, such as the area to be treated, the duration of each session, and the density of your hair.

Cost of electric hair removal by area

Electric hair removal rates vary according to body and facial area. For smaller areas of the face, such as the chin or upper lip, sessions can last between 15 and 30 minutes, costing from €50 to €90.

For larger body areas, such as the legs or back, a session can take from 45 minutes to 1h30, with rates ranging from 130€ to 160€ for one hour. Additional 15-minute segments are charged at €30.

Hair density and distribution also influence the overall price, sometimes requiring more sessions to achieve the desired results. Note that Social Security generally does not reimburse electrolysis hair removal, except in specific medical cases. A
free consultation
will enable you to receive a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

Session duration Price incl. VAT
5 minutes 30€
15 minutes 50€
30 minutes 90€
45 minutes 130€
1h 160€
thereafter, for each additional quarter-hour 30€

Post-treatment advice and maintenance

To optimize the effects of your electrolysis hair removal session and protect your skin, it is crucial to follow specific advice:

  • After your electrolysis session, it’s important to take care of your skin to promote proper healing. You can expect some redness and light crusting around the treated areas. Apply a healing cream to help heal and reduce inflammation.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun for at least 48 hours after treatment. Wear loose-fitting clothing to minimize chafing and irritation. Moisturize your skin with a soothing cream and avoid using harsh or alcoholic products.
  • The use of an anesthetic cream may be considered if you experience significant discomfort. Don’t scrape off the scabs; let them fall off naturally to avoid the risk of scarring.

Follow your specialist’s recommendations to adjust your skin care regimen according to your skin and the reaction of your hair follicles. Every skin reacts differently, so a personalized approach is essential to optimize your results.