Vascular laser

How can spider veins on the face and body be treated with the vascular laser in Paris?

The term ” vascular lesions ” refers to all vascular anomalies and malformations such as :

  • couperose , characterized by unsightly patches of redness on the cheeks, nose or chin
  • the ruby angioma, a small reddish or purplish spot,
  • spider veins– small, unsightly blue and/or purple veins on the surface of the skin – are mainly found on the sides of the nose, chin and cheekbones, but also on the lower limbs.

These lesions appear when the vessel is blocked and stops working properly: it darkens and becomes visible beneath the epidermal layer. They are the result of a loss of elasticity in the vein walls, either due to the aging effect, weight variations, prolonged exposure to the sun, or for hormonal or hereditary reasons.

What type of vascular laser is used?

Our center uses the YAG wavelength of the Clarity II laser to treat vascular lesions. Considered the most effective to date, it boasts greater penetration depth, enabling it to reach vascular lesions without damaging surrounding skin tissue.

Our vascular laser is equipped with small handpieces of different diameters, which can be adapted to the size of the target to be treated (face, legs, décolleté, etc.).

How does a vascular laser session work?

The doctor first sees you to determine the feasibility of the treatment, performing a rigorous phlebological examination to check that the vein is not being fed too deeply, in which case the patient will be redirected to another method.

The skin must first be cleansed. The doctor then determines the diameter of the laser beam according to the size of the blood vessel. For greater comfort during the session, cold air is propelled at the same time as the laser shots are fired, to anesthetize the area.

The energy of the laser beam acts by photo-coagulation on the blood vessels, heating the vascular targets, which are then destroyed, while preserving the surrounding tissue.

The body gradually eliminates the residues of the coagulated lesion.

How many vascular laser sessions are required?

For best results, 2 to 4 sessions are required. The number of sessions depends on the size, pigmentation and depth of the vessel.

Note that some indications may require more treatments.

The interval between two sessions is about 4 weeks.

The result of vascular treatment is considered definitive 8 weeks after the session, the time it takes for the body to naturally eliminate vessel residues.

How much does a vascular laser session cost?

The price of a vascular laser session starts at €80.

Rates and the number of sessions required vary according to the area(s) to be treated. During your consultation with our Epilium & Skin expert, you will be given a quote.

For more information on our protocols and treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us.