High-frequency hair removal

High-frequency hair removal is an impressive technological advance in the field of aesthetic medicine. At Epilium & Skin Paris, we are committed to offering innovative and effective solutions to meet our patients’ needs. This modern method, using high-frequency electric current, promises long-lasting results and increased comfort during sessions.

By opting for this technique, you benefit from unrivalled precision. High-frequency hair removal eliminates unwanted hair quickly and precisely, while respecting the sensitivity of your skin. This method, suitable for all skin types, minimizes the risk of irritation and guarantees smooth, flawless skin.

To make the best choice for your well-being and comfort, it’s essential to understand the advantages and specifics of high-frequencyelectrolysis hair removal. At Epilium & Skin Paris, we’ll be happy to discuss your expectations and support you on your journey to smooth, radiant, hair-free skin.

Basics of high-frequency hair removal

High-frequency hair removal, also known as electrolysis, is an innovative technique that offers permanent hair removal solutions. Using specific electrical currents, it targets and destroys the hair follicle, preventing hair regrowth.

Principles and operation

High-frequency hair removal is based on the use of high-frequency electrical currents, generally around 27 MHz. A practitioner inserts a very fine needle into the hair follicle. An electric current is then sent out, generating oscillations that destroy the hair root.

This destruction is definitive. Each session targets one hair at a time, guaranteeing optimal precision. The fineness of the needle and the specificity of the current mean that even light-colored or melanin-free hair can be treated, where lasers are ineffective.

Benefits of high-frequency hair removal

This method is not limited to areas accessible by laser technology. It is effective on hormone-dependent areas such as the face and neck. In this way, paradoxical regrowth, often a risk with laser treatment, is avoided.

Another advantage is that there are no contraindications to sun exposure. You can continue your sessions all year round, whatever the season. Electrolysis is also ideal for preventing and treating folliculitis, a common form of ingrown hair.

Laser vs. high-frequency hair removal

Laser hair removal uses beams of light to destroy hair follicles, and is effective mainly on dark hair. High-frequency hair removal, on the other hand, can treat all hair types, including blond, red and white.

The laser covers larger areas in less time, making it a fast option for large areas. High frequency, although slower, is more precise. Each option has its own specific features, and choosing the right method depends on your needs and the type of hair you have.


Course of a high-frequency hair removal session

Each high-frequency hair removal session at Epilium & Skin Paris is specifically tailored to your needs. Here’s how we prepare and proceed with hair removal for an efficient and comfortable experience.

Preparation and preliminary considerations

Before the session, it is crucial to prepare the skin. We carefully cleanse the area to remove any traces of make-up, oil or dirt. This step is particularly important for sensitive areas such as the eyebrows and chin.

We provide a
free initial consultation
to determine the areas of the body to be treated and discuss the patient’s expectations. Session duration varies, generally around 15 minutes for small areas, but can be longer for larger areas. This preparation ensures more effective treatment and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

Stages of high-frequency electrolysis hair removal

High-frequency electrolysis hair removal begins with the application of a fine needle to each hair follicle. A high-frequency current is then applied to destroy the hair root. Unlike other methods, this process is virtually painless, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and our expertise.

We take care to maintain an optimal temperature to minimize discomfort. Each follicle is treated individually, ensuring maximum precision. Sessions may vary depending on hair density and texture. A post-treatment treatment is applied to soothe the skin, reducing irritation and redness.

Conditions and contraindications

To guarantee the safety and efficacy of high-frequency hair removal, it is crucial to respect certain conditions and be aware of specific contraindications.

Suitable skin and hair

High-frequency hair removal is effective on all skin types and for all hair types: brown, blond, red, gray or white.

Restrictions and precautions

Some patients should avoid high-frequency hair removal. Pregnant women, for example, must wait until after their pregnancy to begin sessions.

People with heart conditions or implanted medical devices should consult their doctor before starting treatment.

Patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or photo-sensitizing drugs should also consult a healthcare professional. Diabetics need to take special precautions because of the risks associated with wound healing.

Don’t forget to inform our doctors of any health problems or current treatments to avoid complications and ensure safe, appropriate treatment.

high-frequency hair removal room
high-frequency hair removal room

Consequences and expected results

High-frequency hair removal promises long-lasting results while minimizing discomfort and side effects. Safety and absence of pain are key aspects of this innovative technique.

Efficiency assessment

High-frequency hair removal is designed to deliver long-lasting results. This method works by directly targeting the hair follicle to prevent hair regrowth. You can usually see a significant reduction in the number of hairs after the first few sessions.

Clinical studies show a high success rate, with patients often reporting near-definitive hair removal after several sessions. We use state-of-the-art equipment at Epilium Paris to maximize these results and ensure that the treatment is risk-free.

Managing pain and side effects

Although high-frequency hair removal is designed to be pain-free, some patients may experience slight discomfort during treatment. Temporary redness or swelling may appear, but these side effects generally disappear within a few hours to a few days.

To minimize discomfort, we apply pain management methods such as the use of anesthetic creams. The safety of our treatments is paramount, and we ensure that each patient receives personalized care to achieve the best possible results without complications.

High-frequency hair removal advice from Epilium & Skin

Wassila Benaziza

I had my first electrolysis session on my chin today and I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with it. I’d recommend this institute, a very pleasant person who even made you forget this slightly unpleasant moment (yes, it’s tingling all the same). I can’t wait to go back and see the first results 🤞

Jessy Perreira

I’ve been a patient at this center for 10 years, and the kindness, support and follow-up provided by the professionals are to be commended! I highly recommend the laser (follow-up and test beforehand), and it turns out that for me there’s nothing to say about underarms, legs and bikini line, which I’m continuing to do electrically. I highly recommend it!

Sophia Sid-otmane

I’m on my third session… and frankly I’m completely satisfied. The quality of the services is top-notch, and the cleanliness of the premises is beyond reproach. The lady taking care of me was admirably kind and remarkably professional.
I highly recommend this institute.

Sandrine Lopes

Second waxing session, result already super satisfying! The person takes care of everything and is very attentive throughout the treatment. Very clean premises, I recommend! Why I didn’t start sooner !!!!

Philippe Sousa


I’m very happy with the Epilium center, the premises are clean and all the staff are very friendly. My treatment is not yet complete, but the results are very promising. Many thanks to Cathelaine, whose professionalism and kindness are a real comfort during the sessions. I highly recommend this center.

Angy’s workshop

Superb team, attentive and able to answer all your questions. Whether it’s hair removal or aesthetic medicine, you can go in with your eyes closed. And what can we say about the place, which is spotlessly clean.

Practical and economic aspects

High-frequency electric hair removal is an effective, permanent solution for eliminating unwanted hair. But it’s important to choose the right institute and know how to evaluate the cost of your high-frequency hair removal treatment.

Why choose Epilium & Skin?

Epilium & Skin is committed to providing the highest quality service for high-frequency hair removal. Our advanced technology treats all hair and skin types, ensuring optimal results. Each consultation begins with a careful assessment of your skin and the hair to be treated.

We employ highly qualified practitioners, guaranteeing maximum precision and efficiency. Sessions are individually tailored to meet your specific needs, minimizing discomfort and maximizing results.

Safety is our top priority. We carry out preliminary consultations to determine whether electrolysis is right for you. This personalized approach ensures safe and effective treatment.

High-frequency hair removal rate

The cost and duration of your treatment depend on several factors, such as hair density and the size of the area to be treated. At Epilium & Skin, rates for high-frequency electric hair removal sessions are calculated according to their duration:

Session duration Price incl. VAT
5 minutes 30€
15 minutes 50€
30 minutes 90€
45 minutes 130€
1h 160€
thereafter, for each additional quarter-hour 30€

For small areas such as the face, sessions usually last between 15 and 30 minutes. If you’re treating larger areas such as the legs or back, the treatment can last up to 1h30. In general, a full course of treatment lasts around 18 months, with regular appointments.

In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, we recommend that you make an appointment for a free consultation. A personalized quote will then be drawn up based on your needs and the density of your hair.