New: Microblading

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New: Microblading

New: Microblading

Are your eyebrows too thin, bald or asymmetrical? Microblading is the solution!

allows you to restructure your eyebrows and harmonize them with your facial morphology. This manual make-up technique is semi-permanent. Depending on your skin type, a touch-up may be necessary between 8 months and 2 years.


How does a Microblading session work?

Our expert will use his tools to determine the ideal shape of your eyebrows. This will be drawn and calculated with what is known as the golden ratio, so that the result is as natural as possible. After determining the shape best suited to your face, the eye expert will match the pigment color to your skin tone. This is the secret of a very natural look. The chosen pigment is applied to the surface layer of the dermis using sterilized single-use tools.


Why does it look so natural?

In addition to using pigments adapted to the skin tone of your eyebrows and hair, the microblading technique achieves an effect close to natural eyebrow implantation. It consists in creating superficial micro-incisions and imitates hair perfectly. Perfect for a very natural effect.

The technician uses a single-use blade that allows her to insert the pigment less deeply than with an electric dermograph. Inserted into the epidermis in this way, the pigment is gradually eliminated as part of the cell renewal process.


I want to remove my previous permanent or semi-permanent make-up

Epilium & Skin has a PHI eyebrow tattoo removal laser. Its Q-Switched technology safely removes tattoo pigments, and is also suitable for tattoos that have turned color. To reduce previous pigmentation, only 3 to 4 sessions are required. For complete disappearance, the number of sessions may be greater, especially if the pigment has been implanted deep into the skin, for example using a dermograph or unsuitable blades.

Tattoo removal sessions are fast, taking just 5 minutes to treat both eyebrows. The treatment may be painful, in which case the sensation can be reduced by applying an anaesthetic cream about 1 hour before the session. It should only be applied with the consent of your laserist, as the anaesthetic whitens the skin and can mislead the laser settings.


When can I have Microblading?

In general, Microblading is used if your eyebrows are..:

  • Sparse
  • Too thin
  • Unbalanced
  • Asymmetrical
  • No or bald head or tail
  • Density loss

This technique is also recommended for enlarging and beautifying your eyes. Eyebrows play an essential role in balancing your facial features.

Not sure if this technique is right for you? Our expert offers free, no-obligation advice appointments lasting around 15 minutes. During this interview, it’s best to present yourself without make-up so that she can analyze the anatomy of your face.


Why Microblading at Epilium & Skin?

Our eye expert is a graduate of PhiAcademy, the world’s leading beauty academy. She was trained in the PhiBrows module, a microblading and microshading technique.

PhiAcademy pigments are renowned for their formula. Standard” pigments tend to change color over time. With the SUPE formula used in our center, the yellow pigment is much more stable. Its stability helps avoid undesirable colors that turn gray or red over time. Easier to work with for long-lasting, natural results.

Don’t wait any longer to make an appointment with our specialist. It’ll save you time in front of the mirror in the morning!

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