Definitive Laser Hair Removal for Men

In recent years, we’ve seen a shift in men’s beauty criteria: these days, hair and virility are no longer necessarily associated, and more and more men are turning to aesthetic centers for, among other things,definitive male laser hair removal treatments.

And because an epilated muscle looks so good, many men, especially athletes, are now waxing their muscles.

However, aesthetics isn’t the only reason why men wax: the search for comfort and practicality in everyday life are the proof.

Course of a permanent hair removal session for men at Epilium & Skin

Find out how alaser hair removal session for men works at Epilium & Skin.

Each step of your treatment protocol is carefully detailed in this video to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and avoid any complications.

After observing the evolution of your hair growth, the practitioner adjusts the laser parameters to guarantee optimal hair removal.

The practitioner himself shaves the area to be treated, as laser hair removal for men is performed on short hairs to avoid energy loss from the laser beam. Those in the cabin then protect their eyes from the laser with the appropriate goggles.

During the session, the area treated by the hair-removal laser is around 2cm2, and about ten hairs are removed with each pulse. A temporary tingling sensation due to the heat is made bearable by a blast of cold air integrated into the laser head.

At Epilium & Skin, we guarantee optimal, safe results thanks to our high-performance lasers from Seriderm, Cynosure and Candela.


Laser hair removal from the back of a man’s neck offers excellent results. This method is often preferred for its clean, defined finish. It’s the perfect complement to a short haircut, and saves you regular visits to the hairdresser. The contours of your hairline are visibly redefined. With laser treatment, hair on the nape of the neck that grows back and is particularly unsightly is permanently destroyed.

Laser hair removal at the hairline will give you clear skin and a precise haircut. These areas can easily be treated permanently.


definitive back hair removal
for men has no particular characteristics. However, the hair there is a little more resistant than on other areas of the body.
It’s also important to know that back hair increases between the ages of 30 and 40, and then stabilizes. Thus, depilation of a young man is indicated, but will require a few touch-up sessions when new hair has grown.

The main difference between laser hair removal sessions for the back is their duration. In fact, each session usually takes a good hour.

Laser hair removal from the shoulders is very popular and also offers excellent results. As with the back, hair growth in this area increases between the ages of 30 and 40, so a few touch-up sessions should be considered later.

Some men with heavy body hair can benefit from full-body laser hair removal to evenly reduce the number and thickness of hairs. On average, 3 to 5 sessions are required.


The density and distribution of male chest hair varies greatly from one individual to another. Some men are very hairy all over their abdomen, from the neck down to their pubic hair. Others, on the other hand, have hair only on the upper torso, around the nipples and/or on the abdominal line. In all cases
torso laser hair removal
can treat all hair types and densities.

Laser hair removal from the torso is in great demand, and the results are highly satisfactory.
The stomach area is also frequently requested. In order to adapt to your different sensitivities, we can offer you two types of treatment: permanent hair removal or simple hair reduction.

Some men with heavy body hair can benefit from full-body laser hair removal to evenly reduce the number and thickness of hairs. On average, 3 to 5 sessions are required.

For definitive, total hair removal from the torso, you’ll need between 10 and 12 sessions, depending on the density and color of the skin and hair.


Ears are one of those areas that are difficult to access by simply shaving, and where heavy hair growth can be embarrassing and unsightly.

If, when young, ear hairs are not very visible, they become more numerous with age. Skin ageing involves the development of dihydrotestosterone, the cause of progressive hair loss and, paradoxically, the proliferation of hair in the nose and ears.

Laser hair removal from the inside of the ears is the ideal solution in terms of comfort and aesthetics. It puts an end to unsightly hairs that can tingle in the auditory orifice.

Note that it only concerns thick, dark hair, not down.


A beard that’s too hard often causes unpleasant irritation around the shirt collar and encourages ingrown hairs (folliculitis). Successive shaves damage the skin, leading to frequent redness and itching.

While total beard laser hair removal is not an ideal indication from an aesthetic point of view, it is possible to refine or thin out these overly strong hairs to limit discomfort and ingrown hairs.

For hygienic reasons, some patients want to thin out their beard. It is often home to bacteria.

Among dancers,laser beard removal is a widespread practice.

On average, 5 laser sessions are enough to reduce beard hair without completely eliminating it, for greater comfort. Since beard hair is coarse, it can take up to 10 sessions to get rid of it for good, and enjoy smooth, beardless skin.


The nose is a difficult area to shave, and heavy hair growth in this area is often embarrassing for men.

To eliminate this inconvenience and avoid the need for regular, painful manual hair removal, it is perfectly possible to permanently remove the hair growing around the nostrils and tip of the nose.

Laser hair removal from the nose is ideal in terms of comfort and aesthetics, but only applies to thick, dark hair, not down.



Permanent hair removal of this area in men is a comfort solution, avoiding the need for recurrent manual hair removal.

That’s why we usually offer the most restrained eyebrow waxing possible, to preserve hair potential for the future.

Laser eyebrow hair removal is a delicate operation, and the spiky implantation of these hairs makes it impossible to treat the entire eyebrow, as the laser is not precise enough to reach the root correctly. Thus, eyebrow hair removal can only be applied to the inter-brow area using a laser.


Laser testicular hair removal can facilitate male hygiene by reducing the amount of hair in the genital area. The absence of hair on the testicles reduces the accumulation of perspiration and bacteria. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness is a source of satisfaction after laser treatment.

For some men, hairless private parts are aesthetically more attractive.

Athletes, particularly in swimming or cycling, sometimes opt for laser testicular hair removal for performance reasons.


In some high-level sports, massage is essential to wake up muscles and prepare them for exertion. Hair can be a problem, however, as it tangles and prevents massage products from penetrating the skin properly.

Similarly, in the event of a fall, it’s easier and more hygienic to treat a wound on depilated skin, especially as it’s easier to heal and dressings can be painlessly removed. What’s more, sportswear is often very tight-fitting, and the rubbing of certain textiles against the skin can cause irritation.

Hair no longer rubs on depilated skin.

Beyond practicality, swimmers and cyclists use hair removal to improve their physical performance and increase their speed in high-level competitions, where ergonomics and time savings are of prime importance.

So, in the face of tedious shaving sessions, irritation and associated incidents, laser hair removal for men offers a definitive solution for all sportsmen and women concerned about their comfort and performance.


Zones Price per session incl. VAT
Intersourcils 20 €
Ears or nose 30 €
Moustache 50 €
Underarms 60 €
Feet 50 €
Beard + Front of neck 100 €
Neck or collar 80 €
Neck 60 €
Shoulders 100 €
Torso 100 €
Nipples 40 €
Abdomen 100 €
Full back On request
Lower back 100 €
Lower back + Flanks 190 €
SIF 70 €
Buttocks + RIS 180 €
Single jersey 100 €
Full jersey 160 €
Forearms + Hands 120 €
Arms + Hands 180 €
Hands 50 €
Whole legs + Feet 450 €


Zones Price per session incl. VAT
Ears + Nose + Eyebrows 70 €
Torso + Stomach + Neck 230 €
Back + Shoulders + Neck 300 €
Buttocks + SIF + Single bikini line 250 €
Buttocks + SIF + Full bikini line 320 €
Buttocks + SIF + Legs + Feet 550 €

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