Electrolysis hair removal for men

Electrolysis hair removal for men is a proven method of achieving permanent hair removal. At Epilium & Skin Paris, we use this cutting-edge technique to remove unwanted hair with precision and efficiency. Electrolysis is particularly advantageous for treating areas where hair is thinner or where there is a risk of paradoxical regrowth. In this case, electrolysis offers long-lasting results for smooth, clear skin.

Electrolysis works by inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle, where an electric current is applied to destroy the hair root. This meticulous process is ideal for all skin and hair types, unlike other hair removal methods which may be less effective on certain types of male hair.

For optimum results and maximum comfort, our experts tailor each hair removal session to your specific needs. Whether you want to treat a small area like the eyebrows, or larger areas like the back, electrolysis hair removal is a reliable and professional solution that we highly recommend.

Principles of male electrolysis

Electrolysis is a specific hair removal technique designed to permanently destroy hair follicles using electrical currents. There are two main methods: galvanic current and thermolysis, each with its own unique characteristics and advantages.

Galvanic current

This method uses a direct electric current to induce a chemical reaction in the hair follicle. Galvanic current converts the skin’s natural salt water into an alkaline solution capable of destroying the hair follicle. This method is particularly effective for resistant follicles and is often less painful, but requires longer sessions.


In contrast, this technique uses high-frequency currents to generate intense heat that destroys the hair follicle bulb. It enables follicles to be destroyed quickly and efficiently, thus reducing the duration of sessions. Although faster, thermolysis can sometimes be less comfortable for heat-sensitive patients.

Destruction of the hair follicle

The process of destroying the hair follicle is crucial to the effectiveness of electrolysis hair removal. During each session, a fine needle is inserted into each follicle to apply the electric current.

The destruction of the hair bulb ensures that hair no longer grows back. At Epilium & Skin Paris, our expertise enables us to precisely target each follicle to guarantee optimal results. This precision is essential for effective treatment of all hair types, regardless of their location on the body.

Destroying follicles in this way requires several sessions, as each hair is at a different stage of growth. By combining galvanic currents and thermolysis, we maximize the chances of successful permanent hair removal.

Process and sequence of a male electric hair removal session

During an electrolysis hair removal session, various steps ensure an effective and safe experience. The practitioner prepares your skin, performs the electrolysis in several stages and finishes with post-treatment care to minimize side effects.

high-frequency hair removal room
electric hair removal room

Skin preparation

Before starting the session, the targeted area is defined and disinfected with an antiseptic solution. This preparation is crucial for preventing infections. An anaesthetic cream can be applied to reduce pain, especially in sensitive areas such as the cheekbones or torso.

Next, a plate of return electrodes is placed on your lower back to secure the process. The hairs must be long enough to allow the practitioner to grasp them and insert the filament into the hair follicle.

Electrolysis step by step

Each session is personalized according to the treatment area, its complexity and your tolerance to the sensation of electrolysis. A very fine needle is inserted into the follicle, then an electric current destroys the hair root. This targeted processprevents paradoxical regrowth.

Session duration varies, generally from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the density and extent of the area to be treated. The best period for this treatment is the anagen phase, when hair is actively growing.

Post-treatment care

After treatment, a soothing and healing cream is applied to reduce redness and swelling. You may experience some redness and small papules, which will disappear within 24 hours. In some cases, transient haematomas may appear, resolving within a week.

To avoid any irritation, we recommend keeping the treated area out of the sun for a few days, and avoiding activities that could cause rubbing. Careful post-treatment monitoring and care are essential for optimal healing and lasting results.

Specific considerations for men

Electrolysis hair removal for men has a number of special features linked to the nature and density of male hair. We explain the essential aspects for an optimal experience.

Characteristics of male hair

  • Men generally have denser, more abundant hair than women, especially on areas like the back, shoulders and torso. This high density can influence the time required for each electrolysis hair removal session.
  • In addition, male hair is often thicker, requiring specific adjustments in the hair removal technique to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Ingrown hairs are also an important consideration. These can be frequent on cheeks and other treated areas. Electrolysis is particularly recommended to prevent these inconveniences by destroying the hair follicle at its root.

So, by understanding these particularities, we can personalize treatments to better meet men’s specific needs.

Preferred treatment areas in humans

Electric hair removal is particularly recommended for areas where the risk of paradoxical regrowth is high. Below are the most commonly treated areas for men and the reasons why they are targeted.


Cheekbones are a delicate area often subject to paradoxical regrowth after laser hair removal. Electrolysis removes hair with precision, avoiding any risk of stimulating new hair follicles. This treatment is ideal for achieving clean, defined beard contours without imperfections.

This method effectively treats even light-colored or white hairs, which are often resistant to other hair removal techniques.


The torso is a hormonal zone where hair growth can be particularly dense. Electric hair removal is preferred here because of its effectiveness on thick hair and its ability to prevent folliculitis, which is common in this area.

Your practitioner will make a precise marking before starting treatment. This method not only reduces existing hair but also prevents unwanted regrowth. The result is a smooth, well-groomed torso with no risk of unsightly regrowth.

Upper back

The upper back is an area where laser treatment can be less effective due to the density and nature of the hair. Electric epilation guarantees optimal results even on the most difficult-to-remove hairs.

Electric hair removal is also beneficial for men suffering from ingrown hairs in this area. The treatment is meticulous and tailored to each hair follicle, ensuring clear skin all year round. Our sessions are planned to adapt to the hair growth cycle, maximizing treatment effectiveness.


The shoulders are sensitive to the risk of paradoxical stimulation, making them an ideal area for electrolysis. By treating the shoulders, you avoid the unwanted hair regrowth often encountered with other hair removal methods.

The process begins with disinfection of the skin, followed by gentle insertion of the filament into each follicle. The electric current directed through the filament ensures total destruction of the hair. This technique produces smooth, well-defined shoulders, free of stubborn hairs.

By opting for electric hair removal, you benefit from a safe and permanent method of treating these specific areas. Our practitioners at Epilium & Skin Paris are here to advise you and tailor your treatment to your needs.

Men’s electric hair removal review at Epilium & Skin

Philippe Sousa


I’m very happy with the Epilium center, the premises are clean and all the staff are very friendly. My treatment is not yet complete, but the results are very promising. Many thanks to Cathelaine, whose professionalism and kindness are a real comfort during the sessions. I highly recommend this center.

Philippe Palu


Competent, friendly and punctual staff. State-of-the-art equipment. I highly recommend the Epilium center.

Gabriel Azoulay


Super center! I’m on my 4th back waxing session and very happy with the results. Thank you Graziella.

Kristiano Bejko

Since I discovered the center a year and a half ago, I’ve been completely satisfied with the top-level service. Many thanks to Dr. Battle for unparalleled tracking. I recommend the center to everyone.

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