HIFU (focused ultrasound)

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound( HIFU ) is a technology for re-tensioning skin tissue. This non-surgical technique enables a medical lift to be performed on the face and décolleté, as well as on certain parts of the body, without the need for a scalpel or social exclusion.

At Epilium & Skin, we’ve chosen a state-of-the-art machine: the Dual HI fromEndromed. Considered more efficient and comfortable than previous-generation units, the Dual HI is now the benchmark in HIFU technology.

Previous HIFU rejuvenation techniques were limited to a certain depth of dermis.

The Dual HI adapts to the dermal layer of the treatment area thanks to handpieces delivering ultrasound from 1.5mm to 13.5mm deep.

With two transducers working simultaneously or independently, the Dual HI adapts efficiently to the area being treated, and benefits from increased firing speed:
all of which guarantee a more comfortable and optimal treatment experience for the patient.

The ultrasound emitted by Dual HI will :

  • stimulate collagen production, for a long-lasting lifting effect,
  • firm up areas prone to skin slackening
  • reduce adipose (fat) volume.

Completely harmless, ultrasound waves have been used for ultrasound scans for decades. The HIFU technique has been the subject of a number of scientific studies and publications, and is FDA-approved. (Food and Drug Administration)

Indications for HIFU

The face

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, skin tissue becomes more fragile and breaks down, forming wrinkles and fine lines, and causing the skin to sag. Dual HI is particularly indicated for moderate sagging, where injections are ineffective or inefficient and surgery is not yet necessary.

Dual HI High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound heats subcutaneous tissues, boosting production of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis.

Dual HI has proven its effectiveness on :

  • eye contour
  • the oval of the face
  • malar pockets
  • forehead wrinkles
  • jowls
  • double chin
  • neck and décolleté

If the area has excess fat, this can be reduced by using a deeper-penetrating ultrasound handpiece.

The action of the ultrasound emitted by the Dual HI will have the following effects:

  • reshape and contour the oval of the face
  • enlarge the gaze
  • reduce wrinkles
  • reduce double chin

Results are generally obtained in 1 session and last up to 18 months. Depending on the patient’s indication, the practitioner may recommend an additional session to optimize the result.

The body

Firming and toning the skin

Pregnancy, liposuction, weight loss and aging can all lead to a loss of skin tone in certain parts of the body. It’s not uncommon to notice slackening in the upper lower arms, inner thighs, stomach and chest. Depending on the initial quality of the skin, it takes on a crumpled, irregular, drooping appearance.

Dual HI activates skin tissue re-tensioning. The treated area regains its shape and tone.

Reduce fat volume and cellulite

Despite dieting and a healthy diet, some localized fatty deposits can be recalcitrant.

When used in depth, ultrasound damages adipose cells (adipocytes), the membranes that retain fat, which are gradually eliminated by the liver and lymph glands.

Dual HI can combine skin firming with lipolysis. Unlike other, more aggressive slimming methods, the skin will not be affected and will benefit from the skin tightening provided by HIFU.

The result: a reduction in the volume of fat while reshaping curves. Skin quality is improved thanks to a reduction in the appearance of orange peel skin.

How does Dual HI’s HIFU technology work?

HIFU technology uses ultrasound energy to produce a thermal effect on the different layers of the skin. The aim is to create micro coagulation points, which will trigger retraction of the impacted area, bringing a “lifting” effect to the surface.

Heated by the energy delivered by HIFU, the skin will reactivate the production of collagen and elastic fibers, the proteins responsible for the elasticity and firmness of skin tissue.

Unlike injections or surgical facelifts, the effects of HIFU are not immediate. Collagen takes around 3 weeks to restructure, which is why the first results are noticeable after 1 month, and optimal 3 months after the session.

The Dual HI is equipped with several handpieces, so it can work at different depths of the skin on the face and body:

  • Handpieces with a depth of less than 4.5mm: these are mainly used to stimulate neo-collagenesis, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • 6.5mm handpiece: generally used for double chin correction
  • Handpieces with a depth greater than 9mm: suitable for reducing the volume of fat in certain areas of the body (bra folds, knees, stomach, etc.).

A programming screen allows you to precisely adjust the various Dual HI parameters:

  • the energy of the shot,
  • the spacing between coagulation points,
  • the firing zone.

How does a HIFU session work?

The doctor will first evaluate your indication, during a free initial diagnostic appointment, to determine the objectives of your HIFU treatment, and choose the most suitable handpieces.

Once it has been ascertained that there are no contraindications to the treatment, the session is scheduled, subject to the legal cooling-off period.

During treatment, the treated area must be healthy: make-up must be removed and disinfected beforehand.

A white pencil drawing is made, to enable the doctor to maintain a complete grid of the treatment area.

Next, an ultrasound gel is applied to your skin. It creates contact between the skin and the transducers to ensure ultrasound transmission.

The session can begin. The doctor moves the handpiece, slowly sweeping the area from bottom to top. A tingling, warming sensation may be felt. If you are very sensitive, you can apply an anaesthetic cream 30 minutes before the session.

Protective eyewear is not required, as HIFUs do not emit light.

Session times vary according to the surface area to be treated, averaging from 30 to 60 minutes.

Immediately after the procedure, you can complete the treatment with a session of LE to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Normal activity can be resumed immediately afterwards: HIFU by Dual HI does not entail any social exclusion. There’s no need to apply a soothing or healing cream, as the skin returns to its normal appearance in the hours following the session.

HIFU contraindications

  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo…)
  • Metal implants (pacemaker, prosthesis)
  • Recent surgery and/or injections
  • Anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone
  • Open or infected wounds
  • Tumor
  • Diabetes
  • Anti-aggregants, anti-coagulants

Some contraindications are permanent, while others are merely temporary. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for advice during your first free diagnostic appointment.

Prices of our HIFU treatments

HIFU prices at Epilium & Skin have been calculated according to the average number of shots performed on the area to be treated.

We offer you high-performance treatment withEndromed‘s Dual HI machine.

Prices include VAT per session :

HIFU treatments Price incl. VAT
Prior consultation Free
Oval face 550 €
Upper face + Cheekbones 500 €
Full face 1200 €
Labial contour 300 €
Double chin from €400
Décolleté from €600
Body zones On estimate according to indication (firming and/or lipolysis)


One session may require the use of several applicators with varying degrees of focused ultrasound penetration, in order to treat all layers of the dermis. You will be given a quotation specifying the type of applicator and the rate based on the number of shots recommended according to the surface area.


There is no charge for the diagnostic appointment. It enables the doctor to check the feasibility of Focused Ultrasound treatment.


We offer payment facilities in 3 instalments. Please contact our secretariat for more information.