Mouth injections

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Mouth injections

Mouth injections

Mouth injections at Epilium & Skin

It nourishes and nourishes us, and we express ourselves through it in words, smiles and facial expressions. It can beautify us, hide a small flaw or, on the contrary, reveal a perfect set of teeth. We have the power to make it say anything, with or without words, but sometimes we need help to make our mouths a reflection of ourselves… And that’s where the aesthetic doctors at Epilium & Skin come in.

In addition to its vital functions, our mouth plays a primordial role in our relationship with others and is a powerful organ of seduction: it’s the part of the face that reveals in a glance our emotions such as sadness, anger or joy, as well as love and envy.
Lips that are too small or lack curves, an irregular or fading mouth hemline, a dehydrated, dried-out or discolored red lip– all these elements can give the whole face a pinched or even aggressive look, sometimes far removed from the real feelings you want to express.
Over time, the appearance of wrinkles at the corner of the mouth towards the chin will harden the face, hence the name “bitterness wrinkles” or “marionette lines”. As for the vertical wrinkles of the white lip (the part between the nostrils and the upper lip), they will be responsible for the aged appearance of the whole face and will bear the very graphic name of “bar code”.

Whatever the cause of these imperfections – natural ageing, dehydration, a physique that doesn’t match your personality – the aesthetic physicians at Epilium & Skin centers will suggest the hyaluronic acid treatment protocol best suited to your needs.

Why use hyaluronic acid for mouth injections?

The hyaluronic acid molecule is naturally present in our bodies. It is responsible for our body’s water and collagen synthesis, and can bind and attract up to 1000 times its weight in water, contributing to its extraordinary moisturizing power. With age and menopause, as well as certain aggravating factors such as sunlight, smoking and pollution, its levels decrease, starting as early as age 30.
First synthesized by pharmaceutical laboratories in the early 1970s, it appeared in aesthetic treatments around 1990, and its virtues have never been denied in over 30 years. Entirely absorbable and 100% biodegradable, it poses minimal risk. Side effects are extremely rare. However, its use requires prior consultation with the aesthetic physician to ensure that there is no medical history that might make the treatment unsuitable. During this consultation, the doctor will propose a personalized protocol and define the type of hyaluronic acid to be used. Only a licensed physician can treat patients.

A protocol for every objective

Depending on the desired result, the doctor will adapt the product to be used and the area to be treated. We offer several hyaluronic acid references, in varying concentrations, from leading laboratories such as Galderma and Vivacy.

  • Give volume to a mouth that you’d like to be fuller

Injections into the mouth thicken the red lip, for long-lasting fullness. They are also used to reshape irregular or asymmetrical contours and erase imperfections.

  • Enlarge a mouth without increasing its volume

with the Russian Lips technique. The aim is tostretch the lips by inserting a needle into the white lip. This technique can be combined with “classic” mouth injections for a more projecting result.

  • Rehydrate red lips and restore color

There are non-volumizing acids that will just rehydrate and erase the folds that are present on the red lip. They act by retaining water on the skin’s surface for a moisturized effect.
Restoringmoisture to the lip is like restoring youthfulness to the face.

  • Smooth fine lines around the mouth to rejuvenate a smile

Vertical lines or wrinkles form on the upper lip. Commonly referred to as “the bar code”, they are filled with injections of fluid hyaluronic acid using a cannula.

We can also observe bitterness folds, which sometimes give a nasty look. These are expression lines that form a vertical line from the corner of the mouth to the chin. They’re also known as puppet wrinkles. They are smoothed out with hyaluronic acid injections.

  • Restore the curves of your mouth

As the years go by, the smile ages. The lips become thinner, the hem tends to fade and the mouth loses its shape, giving the appearance of a pinched mouth.
The red lip loses its volume and tone, giving a dehydrated appearance.
They are plumped up byinjections into the mouth. Result: lips regain their youthful fullness.

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A free diagnosis with our aesthetic doctor

As each case is considered unique by the doctors at Epilium & Skin centers, and patients’ expectations differ, an interview is necessary prior to any session of injections into the mouth. It is also during this consultation that the practitioner will ensure that there are no known risks (allergies to a component used, autoimmune disease, medical history).
Completely absorbable,hyaluronic acid disappears from the body after 6 to 18 months, depending on the type of treatment and the area concerned. To avoid injecting too much hyaluronic acid, which would give the lips an artificial appearance, the practitioner will proceed with small touches, leaving himself the possibility of fine-tuning the result during a control appointment scheduled 2 weeks after this first session. During the injection session, the practitioner can massage the injected product into the dermis to bring even greater precision to the expected result.

Once the product is firmly in place and any slight haematomas caused by the injections have disappeared, further injections can be considered, depending on patient satisfaction.

Hyaluronic acid injection is an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery. There are no social or professional consequences, it’s a 100% reversible treatment and its lifespan of 12 to 18 months means it’s less restrictive than some purely aesthetic treatments.


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