Patient pathway

The Epilium & Skin Center offers individualized solutions, taking a dual medical and aesthetic approach to each project. Each patient receives comprehensive care. To achieve this, Epilium has designed a patient pathway that ensures security, transparency and availability.

Making an appointment with Epilium

Your experience also depends on the quality of our welcome. At Epilium, the care pathway is designed around the patient and his or her needs.

Listening to your needs

Our secretaries in charge of scheduling will help you with all your needs. The whole team is ready to listen and answer your questions. Exchange is at the heart of our business, and we strive to provide tailor-made advice and ensure that every interaction satisfies all our patients. Transparency and discretion are always the order of the day.

Availability and responsiveness

We make it a point of honor to ensure that availability and responsiveness punctuate the patient experience. Epilium & Skin’s centers are open 6 days a week. You can also contact us by phone from 9am to 7pm or by e-mail.

How do consultations at Epilium work?

There are three stages in the patient journey.

A vital initial consultation

At Epilium & Skin, each patient is treated with care, taking into account his or her uniqueness, sensitivity, expectations and history. That’s why the first free consultation is so important. This first interview begins with a discussion with a specialist. The doctor then has the opportunity to get to know your needs, your background and your motivations. This is followed by a meticulous clinical and aesthetic examination to establish a precise and complete diagnosis.

A tailor-made treatment plan

This initial consultation enables us to draw up a care plan tailored to your health, your wishes and your personality. The proposed solution is always designed to meet your needs as satisfactorily as possible. Techniques are chosen for their natural results and effectiveness. For an even more personalized treatment plan, different aesthetic medicine techniques can be combined.

Rigorous monitoring

For most Epilium & Skin treatments, follow-up visits are scheduled to assess treatment results. Follow-up is close, to ensure patient satisfaction and optimum results. The entire Epilium & Skin Centers team is at your service every step of the way.