How to get rid of love handles without surgery?

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How to get rid of love handles without surgery?

How to get rid of love handles without surgery?

The small curves on the belly, although frequent, can be the source of certain complexes. In the quest for a harmonious figure, some localized fat deposits can be particularly stubborn. When diet and a healthy lifestyle just won’t cut it, there are cosmetic medicine solutions that can help. Without surgery, these treatments promise effective results in reducing your love handles.

What are the solutions for eliminating love handles without surgery?

At Epilium Paris, several non-surgical options are available to reshape the figure without surgery:

Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis

This effective, safe technique with no recovery period uses cold to destroy fat cells. Today, Coolsculpting is the most effective and widely used cryolipolysis technique in the world.

Our Epilium & Skin aesthetic medicine center is equipped with a
machine, ideal for melting away rolls, love handles and saddlebags.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

Although this technique is mainly used to tighten the skin, it can also be used to reduce the volume of fat and cellulite on the body.

The advantage of ultrasound is that it penetrates deep down to destroy fat cells (adipocytes), which are then gradually eliminated by the body.

Dual HI
is able to combine a skin-tightening function with lipolysis. Thanks to its advanced technology, it restores tension to the skin without damaging it. Your curves are reshaped and the orange peel appearance is reduced.

Why do we get love handles?

Love handles are fat deposits that form around the waist and hips. They can affect patients of all ages.

Several factors contribute to their appearance, starting with hormonal variations likely to cause greater fat storage in this area (pregnancy, taking medication, menopause…).

Age can also be the cause. Over time, our metabolism slows down, leading to skin aging. At the same time, the body begins to store fat more easily in the stomach area.

A lack of physical activity will also create fatty deposits around the waistline. Even if you practice a sport, a sedentary lifestyle will slow down your metabolism and reduce your muscle mass. The body will eliminate less and therefore store more.

Another cause: high blood sugar levels or a diet that’s a little too rich will create insulin spikes. Eventually, love handles will appear as the abdominal girdle stores fat.

How to prevent and combat love handles?

As you know, preventing love handles starts with a healthy lifestyle. Even if it’s not always possible to avoid them, we can limit their appearance by combining good eating habits, a more active lifestyle and good stress management.

By adopting a balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and wholegrain cereals, you can ensure that your body functions properly. You have everything you need to stay fit and active. In addition, the fiber provided by fruit and vegetables and good hydration will also help you to eliminate properly.

Regular exercise, including a daily 30-minute walk, cardio (running, cycling…) and muscle-strengthening (pilates, hiit, yoga…) are essential to burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

In addition, even if your day-to-day life is hectic, try to maintain a good mental balance and manage your stress, as this influences the distribution of fat in the body. Sport and outdoor activities can help you find this balance.

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