Tattooing: how to go back?

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Tattooing: how to go back?

Tattooing: how to go back?

Do you regret your tattoo? Has it lost its original look, or does it no longer match your current style? Today, it’s entirely possible to remove an old tattoo using laser technology; in particular with the Hollywood Spectra medical laser. This effective procedure works equally well on classic tattoos and on so-called dermo-cosmetic tattoos, such as permanent eyebrow make-up.

Can a tattoo be removed?

Tattooing is a technique that involves injecting pigments into the deeper layers of the skin, in the dermis. It is this depth of injection that explains the permanent nature of the tattoo, as the pigments cannot be easily removed.

On the other hand, people who want to turn back the clock by erasing an old tattoo can get their skin back to the way it was thanks to laser treatment. The Hollywood Spectra laser is one of the most advanced tattoo removal systems available, and its precision enables even the most complex tattoos to be treated with perfectly clean results. The before-and-after photos speak for themselves!

Used at Epilium & Skin, the Hollywood Spectra laser has the advantage of being able to target different types of pigment, thanks to its wide choice of wavelengths. So it’s perfectly possible to remove a color tattoo.

What’s more, this device features a high degree of safety, thanks to a pigment spraying mechanism that minimizes damage to the surrounding skin. The laser beam is captured by the tattoo pigments, which are then fragmented and eliminated naturally by the body, resulting in the disappearance of the tattoo over several sessions.

Is permanent make-up reversible?

Tattoo removal of permanent make-up is an increasingly frequent request, and is also perfectly feasible with the Hollywood Spectra laser. In fact, after a while, permanent eyebrow make-up may no longer be suitable, or the shape may not be right from the outset.

Fortunately, these regrets are not inevitable, as medical lasers canremove the pigment from your eyebrows in just a few sessions, restoring your natural look.

The possibilities of tattoo removal depend on the quality of the permanent make-up and the pigments used. In the vast majority of cases, the results are very good; in addition, the Hollywood Spectra laser enables the face to be treated safely, by triggering the elimination of pigment by macrophage cells.

When can a tattoo be removed?

Laser tattoo removal is indicated in a number of cases. Most often, patients wish to have a tattoo removed:

  • Because it no longer suits them (outdated motif, changing tastes with age)
  • Becausethe tattoo has changed appearance over time, which is common with color tattoos.
  • To replace it with another tattoo (covering)
  • To remove an amateur tattoo whose appearance does not match the desired result

Finally, as we saw earlier, more and more patients are turning to tattoo removal to get rid of unsuccessful permanent make-up or make-up that no longer suits them. Before any treatment, a preliminary consultation is organized with the doctor to check that the technique is suitable.

How does laser tattoo removal work at Epilium & Skin?

For tattoo removal, Epilium & Skin centers are equipped with Lutronic’s Hollywood Spectra technology, which plays on wavelengths and treats all phototypes.

Each treatment is preceded by an initial consultation with a physician. During this appointment, we analyze your tattoo, focusing on its size, the pigments it contains, its depth and the type of ink used. Based on these factors, we recommend an ideal number of sessions, ranging from 5 sessions for small amateur designs, to 12 sessions for more complex professional tattoos.

Depending on the location of the tattoo, the session is carried out either sitting or lying down. An anesthetic cream applied to the skin ensures your comfort throughout the procedure. The doctor sweeps the device over the tattoo, adjusting the wavelength according to the targeted color. Once the session is over, we’ll tell you what to do to facilitate healing.

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