Gift cards are available at Epilium & Skin!

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Gift cards are available at Epilium & Skin!

Gift cards are available at Epilium & Skin!

Christmas is coming and you haven’t made your mother-in-law’s present? Or do you simply lack inspiration? Don’t panic! At Epilium & Skin we offer gift cards and skincare routines for tailor-made aesthetic medical treatments !


Our gift cards for a Hydrafacial treatment

Treat your skin to the latest deep cleansing technology. The Hydrafacial facial combines several actions in a single treatment:

1 – Cleans

2 – Detoxifies

3 – Disincorporates

4 – Smoothes skin texture

After treatment, a smoothing effect is immediately noticeable. Skin is illuminated, regenerated and, above all, deeply moisturized, ready to face the cold aggressions of the Christmas season!
The ideal gift for a glow effect!

The Hydrafacial gift card is available at our beauty center in Paris. Online sales are not available. For every additional purchase of a Booster, the light therapy session is free.


More information on Hydrafacial treatment

Paoma Paris beauty treatments

This eco-ethical skincare range respects the environment with its refillable glass jar system, but also thanks to its vegan composition.

All products are Cosmos Organic and Cosmebio certified. They are formulated with ingredients of natural and organic origin.

These silky, rich and comforting products are the perfect gift. Their sweet rose fragrance is sure to delight the whole family. To top it all off, their pink and gold packaging will look great at the foot of the Christmas tree, but also in your bathroom!


Zo Skin products for targeted aesthetic medicine needs

These routines are adapted to all skin types (acneic, mature, pigmented…) with the aim of optimizing the health of current and future skin. These personalized protocols can be drawn up by our Skincare experts.

For mature skin, we recommend Zo Skin’s Anti-Aging Program. This ritual increases the skin’s natural production of collagen andhyaluronic acid to restore facial volume, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone and the appearance of pores.

For acne-prone skin, the Complexion Clearing Program will minimize excess surface sebum, unclog and purify pores and reduce irritation.

For normal skin, we recommend the Daily Skincare Program. This ritual helps preserve and maintain a youthful-looking complexion, prevent future damage and tighten pores.


More information on the ZO Skin Health range


Give your loved one a new look with Microblading

Epilium & Skin Paris adds Microblading and Microshading to its range of services, to enhance your eyes or those of a loved one. This semi-permanent make-up perfectly reproduces the shape of the hair, to create the illusion of a perfect eyebrow, proportioned to the anatomy of your face and the exact shade of your natural hair.

Trained by world-renowned cosmetics specialist Phi Academy, our expert will redefine your eyebrows in just one hour. If necessary, a touch-up should be carried out 4 to 6 weeks after the first pigmentation to make any necessary corrections.

This semi-permanent make-up is applied with Vegan pigment, which fades in 12 to 24 months, depending on the skin’s PH, the cosmetics applied and the recurrence of sun exposure.


Free beauty diagnosis for your skin care

Don’t know what to give? All treatments offered in our Aesthetic Center are subject to a free, no-obligation initial consultation. An initial contact with one of our SkinCare doctors or specialists, to guide you or your loved one through the cosmetic or medical-aesthetic process.

At Epilium & Skin we look forward to advising you on your Christmas gifts!

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