Laser Hair Removal: 9 Key Figures

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Laser Hair Removal: 9 Key Figures

Laser Hair Removal: 9 Key Figures

Key facts and figures about laser hair removal, to help you discover or rediscover this technique that makes your daily life easier.


This is the year the hair-removal laser was conceived. That’s over 30 years of hindsight, and as many years of patients won over by the method! However, the heyday oflaser hair removal came a few years later, in the early 2000s. In recent years, laser hair removal has become increasingly popular, gradually replacing waxing in the daily lives of both men and women.


This is the average number of sessions required to treat women’s body areas. Certain areas with a higher concentration of hormones will require more sessions, such as the thighs, abdominal line, arms… A diagnosis will enable the specialist to determine the effectiveness of the treatment on this type of area. For men, as the hair cycle is longer, the average number of sessions is 10 or 12.

8 à 12

This is the number of weeks between each session for the body, calculated according to the hair cycle. After the session, it takes between a week and two weeks for the hair to fall out. The next cycle will only start to grow back after 6 to 7 weeks: no need to shave in between, the skin is soft and smooth!

4 à 6

weeks between eachlaser hair removal session is the recommended interval for facial areas, and sometimes even underarms, as the hair cycle is shorter in these areas.

18 à 24

This is the number of months corresponding to a completelaser hair removal treatment, if it is not interrupted. (In case of pregnancy, photosensitizing treatment, sun exposure,…)
At the rate of one session every 2 months, bearing in mind that as the sessions progress, the required interval becomes longer and longer, reaching 3 months.


months is the time you’ll have to wait after sun exposure before resuming sessions, if your skin tone doesn’t allow effective treatment with the Nd:YAG wavelength. The latter is specially designed for tanned, matte and black skin, but has a few limitations. If the contrast between hair color and hair corridor is not high enough, you’ll need to have completely debronzed before resuming your sessions.


That’s how much a consultation at Epilium & Skin costs! We welcome you free of charge for a hair assessment and a test on the areas you are considering treating. In this way, you can assess the effectiveness oflaser hair removal and find out everything you need to know to carry out your treatment.


This is the recommended age to start laser hair removal. In fact, hormones are responsible for the development of body hair. The older we get, the weaker our hormonal activity becomes, making laser destruction of the hair bulb optimal. Before this age, however, it is possible to undertake laser sessions once you’ve reached the age of majority, but the results may prove inconclusive. Minors are not eligible to apply, with some exceptions. (hirsutism,…)


This is the average percentage of hair destruction at the end oflaser hair removal treatment, with the remaining hairs being scattered, downy or light. If you want to fine-tune the result, stubborn hairs can be treated with electrolysis. This hair-by-hair method involves sending an electric current through a transmitting filament into the hair bulb to destroy it permanently and prevent it from growing back.

Find out more about how laser hair removal works.

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