Sparse eyebrows: is microshading the solution?

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Sparse eyebrows: is microshading the solution?

Sparse eyebrows: is microshading the solution?

Microshading can compensate for thin, sparse eyebrows that are sometimes considered unsightly. The Epilium team tells you all about this effective technique for regaining thicker eyebrows and self-confidence. Spotlight on microshading.

What are the consequences of sparse eyebrows?

Sometimes overlooked, eyebrows are a central element of the face and its harmony. Framing the eyes, they enhance them when perfectly matched to our oval shape and features. Beauty standards mainly show thick, well-defined eyebrows. When they are poorly supplied, the consequences can have a considerable impact on daily life.


To thicken eyebrows every day, it’s important to spend enough time applying make-up. What’s more, the products you need are not cheap – especially when you wear make-up every morning.

Hair removal

To better define the curve of unplucked eyebrows, you need to take the time to maintain them: tweezing or waxing sessions… It can be a real headache to reshape them so that they match our face in every way.

There’s an effective solution that saves time, money and looks: microshading.

What is microshading in aesthetic medicine?

Microshading is a dermopigmentation technique used to obtain well-defined eyebrows. This permanent make-up method allows you to achieve thicker eyebrows with a guaranteed natural effect.

The principle is to introduce a pigment to lightly color the eyebrows and give them intensity and depth. Microshading can also be used to reshape eyebrows, restructure them permanently (without the use of make-up) or correct previous pigmentation.

Microshading is done point by point: micro-needles are used to pigment precise points under the epidermis. A session lasts about 45 minutes. After the session, the eyebrows are very dark, then gradually lighten. The effects last about a year. To maintain optimal results, a touch-up session every 6 months is recommended.

When should microshading be used?

Almost anyone can use microshading. The technique is particularly useful in the following cases:

  • You have sparse, thin eyebrows or visible empty areas.
  • You want to reshape your eyebrows
  • You have light eyebrows that you want to shade

However, microshading is not recommended for people with skin problems such as shingles or haemophilia.

Microshading is particularly suitable for people who want to :

  • The least painful permanent make-up technique possible: the single needle does not penetrate as deeply into the epidermis as other techniques
  • A short process with no side effects
  • A safe method: fewer problems with pigment discoloration

How do I know if microshading is the right solution for me?

To find out whether microshading is the right solution for your needs, you need to consult experienced professionals who are committed to offering reliable solutions. The Epilium & Skin Center offers individualized, comprehensive solutions from both a medical and aesthetic perspective. The care pathway is always designed around the patient and his or her needs. From the initial consultation, each patient is treated according to his or her expectations, history and sensitivity. The Epilium & Skin Center always offers a precise diagnosis, a customized treatment plan and rigorous follow-up. The entire team is trained in a specific natural microshading technique: PhiAcademy’s Phibrows. This method respects the anatomy of your face and your eyes.

For more information, Epilium centers and their teams are available to discuss, inform and support you throughout your project.

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