Electrical depilation of the areola

Electrolysis breast hair removal

In some women, very fine hairs can be seen on the areola. These hairs, often considered unsightly, are a major source of discomfort. Electric hair removal is the only solution for permanently eliminating hair from the areola without the risk of regrowth.

What is electrolysis hair removal?

The principle of electrolysis hair removal is theapplication of an electric current via a filament inserted into the hair shaft. This high-frequency (but low-intensity) electric current destroys the hair bulb. This is permanent hair removal.

Electrolysis hair removal is painless. Practiced for over fifty years, it remains the only method that eradicates all types of hair, even the lightest.

Electric hair removal is generally performed in conjunction with laser hair removal. In some areas, this can lead to paradoxical regrowth. For the mammary areola, electrolysis is the most effective method. The technique works hair by hair, so it takes longer than laser hair removal. But by only targeting the hair with an electrical impulse, the risk of paradoxical regrowth or stimulation is completely eliminated.

It always takes several sessions to remove hair from an area. Both electrolysis and laser hair removal are only effective on hair in the growth phase (anagen phase).

Why use electric hair removal on the areola?

Permanent electric hair removal is suitable for all hair types and all skin types, for both men and women. However, it is preferred in certain cases:

  • On light-colored hair
  • On small areas
  • Mainly for the face
  • For the treatment and prevention of folliculitis

How does electrical hair removal from the areola work?

Electric hair removal requires several sessions. For the areola, these sessions should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. This time may vary according to the patient’s tolerance and hair regrowth. The treatment protocol is always defined after discussion with the practitioner and careful analysis of the area to be depilated.

Course of an electrolysis hair removal session on the mammary areola at Epilium & Skin

The procedure for an electrolysis hair removal session on the areola is as follows:

  • Disinfection of the skin and delimitation of the area to be depilated
  • Filament size, electrical intensity and pulse time are determined by hair size.
  • The filament is inserted into the pilary canal up to the hair bulb
  • Hair removal starts with the thickest hairs.
  • Hair removal via electric current (initial pulses may be sensitive)
  • Hair removal with pliers
  • Massage the skin with a soothing and healing cream

What precautions should be taken and what are the contraindications to electrolysis on the areola?

Hair must not be shaved, cut or removed prior to the session. In fact, it is necessary to maintain a certain length to ensure electrolysis efficiency. Pregnancy, certain heart conditions, diabetes, cancer andmetal implants are contraindications to electrolysis of the areola.

What are the results after electric depilation of the areola?

Electric depilation gradually removes all the hair from the areola. Results are visible from the very first session and are definitive approximately one to two years after the first treatment.

Rates for electric areola hair removal at Epilium & Skin

Rates for electric areola hair removal depend essentially on the duration of a session. The length of the session is determined in advance, according to the size and complexity of the area to be depilated, and the patient’s tolerance to the technique. It is specified in a quotation submitted at the time of the initial consultation.

Session duration Price incl. VAT
5 minutes 30€
15 minutes 50€
30 minutes 90€
45 minutes 130€
1h 160€
thereafter, for each additional quarter-hour 30€