Electric hair removal for cheekbones

Definitive cheekbone hair removal for men

Facial hair is at high risk of stimulation. This means they can’t be removed like body hair. Electric facial hair removal is the most suitable technique for treating cheekbone hair. Suitable for all hair types and skin types, it permanently removes hair one by one.

What is electrolysis hair removal?

Electric depilation is a method that works hair by hair. More tedious than laser hair removal, it nevertheless offers many undeniable advantages:

  • The results are definitive; hair cannot grow back.
  • Electrolysis acts where laser treatment is not or no longer effective.
  • Electric hair removal is effective in areas at risk of paradoxical regrowth.
  • It is not limited to dark hair and can treat white, blond, red or very light hair.
  • It can be practised safely all year round (exposure to the sun is not a contraindication).

Electrolysis targets the hair with an electrical impulse. A fine, single-use needle is inserted into the hair follicle. An electric current completely destroys the hair and its root. This effect is called electrolysis.

Why use electric hair removal on the cheekbones?

Generally speaking, electric hair removal is preferred when the area does not have a good hair density. On the cheekbones, there is usually only a thin layer of down, which cannot be treated by laser without the risk of paradoxical regrowth. Electrolysis, on the other hand, is effective on the most stimulable hairs.

Electric hair removal is very effective on small areas such as cheekbones. It can also be used as a finishing touch to laser hair removal, if the hair on the cheekbones is dense.

How does electric cheekbone hair removal work?

Electrolysis hair removal is only effective on hair in the anagen or growth phase. Not all hairs are in the same phase at a given moment M. That’s why the treatment protocol always calls for several sessions, spaced two weeks to two months apart.

Course of an electrolysis hair removal session on cheekbones at Epilium & Skin

An electrolysis hair removal session on the cheekbones at Epilium & Skin follows these steps:

  • The practitioner defines the treatment area (in agreement with the patient).
  • The session is painless, but you can apply a numbing cream one hour beforehand.
  • He disinfects the skin and places a plate of electrodes on the patient’s lower back.
  • He grabs a hair and inserts the conductive filament into its follicle.
  • The actions are repeated for each hair.
  • At the end of the treatment, he applies a soothing cream to the depilated area.

What precautions should be taken and what are the contraindications to permanent cheekbone hair removal?

An initial consultation at Epilium allows us to assess your motivations and expectations, and to examine your facial hair. There are, however, a few precautions to be taken before a session. Conventional hair removal techniques should be discontinued. A good moisturizing of the facial skin and a gentle exfoliation are recommended to prepare the skin of the cheekbones. Some people are not eligible for electric hair removal: pregnant women, people with diabetes or heart disease, those undergoing certain treatments and those with metal implants. The Epilium team takes the time to inform you before beginning any treatment protocol.

What are the results of electric cheekbone hair removal?

Electrolysis of cheekbones permanently removes hair from all skin types. It takes about a year to see optimal results.

Rates for permanent cheekbone hair removal at Epilium & Skin

Rates for electric cheekbone hair removal at Epilium & Skin depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the area to be removed and the density of the hair. They are detailed in an estimate given at the first consultation.