Electric chin hair removal

Electrolysis of chin hair

Downy hair on the chin, no matter how fine, can quickly become a source of complexes and embarrassment for women. Electric chin hair removal is a non-invasive solution for getting rid of chin hair for good. More effective and more economical than conventional techniques,electrolysis is a revolution in hair removal.

What is electrolysis hair removal?

Electrolysis or electric hair removal is a safe way to say goodbye to all types of hair. It has been practiced for 50 years, but the latest advances in aesthetic medicine now enable us to work with the latest generation of more precise and effective equipment.

Electrolysis is the only technique capable of permanently eliminating melanin-free hair. Unlike laser hair removal methods, it is not limited to dark hair. Light-colored, red or blond hair can be treated without any problem.

The principle of electrolysis is to diffuse an electric current via a very fine needle, which burns the hair bulb. The destruction of the hair root is definitive. The hair falls out immediately and cannot grow back. The method works hair by hair.

Why use electric hair removal on the chin?

The treatment protocol is longer, but all skin and hair types can be removed. Electric hair removal is mainly indicated for hair that cannot be treated by laser. It is particularly effective for removing hair from small areas of the face prone to paradoxical regrowth. Electrolysis only targets one hair with an electrical impulse, so the hair is not stimulated. No regrowth is possible.

Electrolysis is often used to finish off laser hair removal. In fact, if the hair growth is too extensive to be removed by electrolysis, the hair density is sometimes trimmed beforehand with laser sessions.

Electrolysis can also be used to prevent or treat ingrown hairs.

How does electric chin hair removal work?

The chin is an area of the face with very thin skin, even more so for women. Before electric chin hair removal, the practitioner ensures that electrolysis is the best solution for you. The electric hair removal session lasts around twenty minutes. Depending on how quickly your hair grows back, sessions will be spaced out more or less frequently.

Course of an electrolysis hair removal session on the chin at Epilium & Skin

Electric hair removal uses a technique known as electrolysis. During the session, the practitioner introduces a fine sheathed filament into the orifice of each hair follicle, down to the bulb. This filament delivers a high-frequency electrical wave for a few thousandths of a second. The energy of the electrical impulse creates a thermal effect. The hair bulb is destroyed. The practitioner then extracts each hair with tweezers.

What precautions should be taken and what are the contraindications to electric hair removal on the chin?

Your practitioner carefully examines your skin, your hairiness and your tolerance to determine a suitable treatment protocol. The following are contraindications to electric hair removal:

  • Not pregnant
  • No heart disease or diabetes
  • Not be undergoing insulin treatment, photosensitization, chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Do not wearmetal implants (or IUDs)

What are the results of electric chin hair removal?

Results are visible from the very first session. The final result is obtained after one year to 18 months of treatment. This figure obviously depends on the density of hair in the treated area and on each individual’s hair cycle.

Rates for chin hair electrolysis at Epilium & Skin

Aesthetic medical procedures are not reimbursed by social security. Rates for electric chin hair removal at Epilium & Skin vary according to the density of the patient’s hair and the duration of the session. A detailed estimate is always provided in advance.

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