Arm laser hair removal

Laser hair removal for women’s arms

More and more patients are opting forlaser arm hair removal. This risk-free procedure, prized for its practicality, minimal pain and near-permanence, targets hair melanin and removes its root. Hair removal for darker and darker skins, as well as for lighter skins, are innovative solutions offered at the Epilium & Skin Center.

Why can arm hair be a nuisance?

Arm hair is not the same for everyone. A number of genetic, medical and endocrine factors explain why some people have very extensive body hair, which can be a nuisance in everyday life.

Laser hair removal from the arms allows :

  • Enhance your femininity and sensuality and free yourself from deep-seated complexes;
  • No more perspiration build-up, so you can enjoy sports again without discomfort
  • Avoid redness and ingrown hairs caused by conventional hair removal methods.

During the first consultation at Centre Epilium & Skin, an examination is performed to assess hair density and texture. A customized protocol is then determined according to your expectations and skin type. Our technical platform enables us to meet allwomen’s laser hair removal needs, whatever your skin type.

What precautions should I take before undergoing laser arm hair removal?

Laser hair removal from the arms is very effective and safe, provided certain precautions are followed:

  • To avoid any risk of depigmentation or burns, we advise against sun exposure 15 days before the session (sauna and hammam not recommended two days before the session).
  • The hair can be cut or shaved two days before the session. But it must never be waxed (the rod must touch the root to transmit the laser beam’s energy).
  • The skin on the arms must be clean, with no scratches or sores.

What is the procedure for permanent laser hair removal from the arms at Epilium & Skin?

To establish an optimal treatment protocol, a preliminary diagnosis of your skin is always carried out. Each session lasts around twenty minutes, and requires the use of protective eyewear. After a potential test, hair is removed by regularly sweeping the arm with the handpiece, which is equipped with a cooling system for greater comfort. The laser is virtually painless. Once the permanent arm hair removal session is over, slight redness or edema may appear. They disappear within a few hours.

What precautions should I take after an arm laser hair removal session?

The precautions to be taken after an arm laser hair removal session depend on the individual and the reactivity of the skin. However, most of the time, these general instructions should be followed:

  • Emollient cream on arms for two to three days
  • Avoid heat sources on the arms for three to five days.
  • UV protection for two weeks

What are the results of permanent laser hair removal from the arms?

Hair removal results are progressive. A treatment protocol generally requires 6 to 10 sessions. Gradually, regrowth slows on the arms and forearms, and hair becomes sparse. At the end of the protocol, over 90% of hair is permanently destroyed. The skin on the arms is soft and hairless.

Price of laser hair removal from the arms at Centre Epilium & Skin

The cost of a laser hair removal session varies according to certain indications. For all permanent arm hair removal sessions, we provide you with a precise, costed estimate during your free initial diagnostic appointment.

Forearm 100 €
Arm 180 €
Forearm 120 €