Coolsculpting cryolipolysis at Epilium & Skin Paris

At our Epilium & Skin aesthetic medicine center, we useAllergan ‘s Coolsculpting machine as a cold slimming method.

FDA-approved and CE-certified, Coolsculpting remains the world’s most effective and widely used cryolipolysis machine for non-surgical body contouring.

Coolsculpting is the ideal machine for melting away localized tummy fat, love handles and saddlebags, while guaranteeing treatment safety. The fat cells, known as adipocytes, will be permanently destroyed and will be eliminated naturally over the weeks following your session.

What are the benefits of Coolsculpting?

  • Safe treatment
  • Final results
  • A single session is required in most cases
  • No anesthesia
  • No scars
  • No hospitalization
  • No invasive technique
  • No postoperative pain or after-effects
  • No social exclusion and immediate resumption of activities

CoolSculpting®is the only device that meets the highest safety standards for the protection of skin and surrounding tissue, thanks to its Freeze Detect® technology. This process guarantees preservation of the cell membrane without any risk of tissue necrosis. Temperature control is secured to maintain an ideal therapeutic field, as too low a temperature could damage tissue and too high a temperature would have no effect on fat destruction.

Cryolipolysis re-densifies and remodels tissues without altering lipid levels or liver function.

Results are convincing and long-lasting, provided that the patient does not regain too much weight following treatment.

What are the indications for Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting features different applicators that adapt to the areas where fatty tissue has developed, forming unsightly lumps.

This aesthetic medicine technique is perfectly suited to men who wish to remove localized fatty deposits. Cryolipolysis is indicated for men to melt away rolls of fat around the abdomen and love handles.

The Coolsculpting applicators at our Paris center are adapted to the following body parts:

  • Hips and love handles – these are the areas where cryolipolysis is most effective, as fat is more fibrous and the applicator easily sucks up soft fat,
  • The belly – this is the area most in demand, a real source of complex, it can be easily refined with cryolipolysis,
  • inner thighs – regularly requested by female patients, to shape the legs,
  • Saddlebags – resistant even after dieting, this excess fat is generally morphological and cannot be eliminated by a healthy diet or sport,
  • Arms – this is an area where skin slackening is inevitable over time. Despite hours of intensive muscle strengthening, the fat resists and sagging persists,
  • The back, and more particularly the sides, which are a nuisance for women when wearing bras, and unsightly for men because they can be seen over the waistband of pants,
  • The double chin is an area where cryolipolysis not only destroys fat, but also tautens skin tissue to redefine the oval of the face, for both men and women.

In recent years, several million patients worldwide have already been treated without any lasting complications being reported.

As confirmed by numerous published studies, as well as double FDA and CE approval, CoolSculpting® poses no risk to the body.

How is a cryolipolysis treatment carried out in Paris?

At Epilium & Skin centers, you’ll receive a free initial consultation with an aesthetic doctor specializing in body contouring. After an examination and verification that there are no contraindications to the treatment, the doctor will decide whether Coolsculpting can be offered to you.

He will advise you and work with you to develop a treatment plan tailored to the areas you wish to treat. Photographs of the areas where your bulges are located will be taken and kept in a medical file so that you can judge the result, as objectively as possible, once the treatment has been completed.

We will then provide you with a quotation and informed consent. This will enable you to undertake your treatment with full knowledge of the facts.

On the day of the session, the practitioner will precisely mark out the areas to be treated with a dermatological marker. After tracing, he’ll place a gel-soaked film on your skin to protect skin tissue, then apply the suction cup-shaped handpiece to the area to be treated. When the practitioner activates the machine, a slight suction is produced for 5 to 10 minutes, the most unpleasant part of the treatment. A sensation of intense warm-up is then felt. After a few minutes, the cold begins to penetrate the deep tissues, literally anesthetizing the cupped area. The patient, usually in a sitting or lying position, can then relax, watch a film or read a book during the hour-long treatment that follows.

During the session, the skin surface is kept intact thanks to the device’s temperature-control tools. A system of sensors ensures continuous monitoring and self-regulates cooling according to temperature variations throughout the session. This safety device automatically shuts down the appliance in the event of abnormal temperature variations. The session is therefore completely safe, with no risk of cold burns or necrosis.

The session lasts one hour per zone. When treating flanks, hips, back fat, inner thighs or arms, you should allow a minimum of 2 hours for a CoolSculpting® session to treat the right and left sides consecutively.

At the end of the session, the practitioner removes the suction pad and the moistened film that had been applied prior to the session. The gel residue remaining on the treated area will allow the practitioner to perform a draining massage for 2 to 5 minutes. As the area is sensitive, this massage to optimize treatment results can be particularly unpleasant, even painful.

The area remains red on the day of treatment, and may be puffy for a few days. This reaction is completely normal.

After-effects of CoolSculpting cryolipolysis treatment

After your cryolipolysis session with the Coolsculpting machine, certain side effects may occur. Some effects are immediate and temporary, while others may last for days:

Immediate follow-up

A few minutes to a few hours after the session, the treated area may show redness, bruising, hematoma, or even swelling and numbness.

More rarely, temporary whitening of the skin may occur.

Long-term follow-up

In the days following the treatment, you may experience sensitivity, pain and cramping in the treated area.

Occasionally, some patients may experience tingling and numbness throughout the area.

All these clinical signs are reversible and will gradually disappear in the weeks following treatment.

To optimize the slimming results of your CoolSculpting treatment, we recommend :

  • Avoid aspirin for 3 days following treatment.
  • No strenuous exercise or stress on the treated area (jogging, weight training, etc.), which could raise blood pressure in the month following treatment.
  • Avoid saunas and steam baths for one month after a CoolSculpting® session.

Fat layer reduction is gradual, and your body will continue to naturally shed targeted fat cells for about four months after the procedure. The results will be considered final after three months.

On average, Coolsculpting cryolipolysis removes 25% to 30% of fat deposits.

What are the contraindications to Coolsculpting cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis slimming treatment is not indicated in cases of excessive overweight or obesity.
For people whose skin is too loose, the treatment may not be recommended. The patient can then have recourse to another method, such as HIFU. (ultrasound)

On the other hand, treatment is not an option for people whose rolls of fat are too thin and whose tiny fat deposits lack density.

Finally, Coolsculpting® is not recommended for people with the following characteristics:

  • Individuals with a strong reactivity to cold, such as cryoglobulinemia (presence of cryogloburins in the blood), cold urticaria or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (rare autoimmune hemolytic anemia).
  • Poor blood circulation in the treated area and people with Raynaud’s disease (blood circulation disorder affecting extremities such as fingers, toes, nose, ears, etc.).
  • Hernias
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Patients with electronic devices
  • Injury, eczema, inflammation, recent surgery on the treated area.

How much does Coolsculpting Cryolipolysis cost at Epilium & Skin Paris?

Epilium & Skin guarantees treatment with the official Coolsculpting machine, a pioneer in cryolipolysis technology.

Prices include VAT per session

Zones & treatments Price per session incl. VAT
Prior consultation Free
Price per applicator 350 €
CoolMax (Large zone) 800 €
CoolSmooth (Saddlebags, 2 sides) 800 €
CoolMini (Double chin) 400 €


Coolsculpting cryolipolysis rates are calculated as follows:

  • for classic tips, the price is determined by the number of applicators used. As an example, a patient wishing to do love handles will need to consider a minimum of 2 applicators, to treat each side.
  • for Coolmax, the price is per (single) application. Since this device can treat a larger surface area, it is generally recommended for the abdomen.
  • the price of Coolsmooth, a double-tip treatment for saddlebags, corresponds to the application of 2 thighs.
  • Finally, the Cool Mini, used to treat double chins and small areas, is charged per application. For cryolipolysis of the double chin, 3 consecutive applications are generally recommended to optimize results.

The cost of medical treatment can vary according to the specific medical indications for each patient. At your first free
free consultation
with a doctor, you will receive a detailed estimate.