Definitive Laser Hair Removal for Men’s Torsos

In recent years,laser hair removal from the torso has become increasingly popular. Its growing success is due to its ability to permanently eliminate hair by burning the hair root. This painless technology treats all skin phototypes and many areas of the body. The torso is no exception.

The Epilium & Skin center is equipped with the latest-generation lasers for permanent hair removal in this area.

Why consider permanent hair removal from the torso?

Torso hair, common in men, is generally absent in women. In both cases, excessive body hair can create daily discomfort and complexes that even impinge on the social sphere.

Considering permanent hair removal from the torso has many advantages for men:

  • It helps get rid of irritation, ingrown hairs and folliculitis caused by conventional hair removal techniques.
  • It is also used for aesthetic purposes.
  • It helpsprevent the accumulation of sweat in the chest hair.
  • It offers a definitive, time-saving solution.

What precautions should I take before a torso laser hair removal session?

Torso laser hair removal is safe and virtually painless. However, it is important to follow precautions to optimize the results of the treatment protocol:

  • Tanned skin increases the risk of burns. So avoid sun exposure and artificial tanning.
  • Chest hair must be shaved less than 48 hours before the session. They should never be waxed: wax and tweezers tear out the hair.

How does a permanent torso laser hair removal session at Centre Epilium & Skin work?

Epilium and its team are committed to providing the best possible personalized response to patients’ needs. The initial consultation enables the skin to be diagnosed and a suitable treatment plan to be drawn up.

A torso waxing session lasts from 15 to 30 minutes. Goggles must be worn during this time. After setting up the device and firing a test shot, the laserist sweeps the torso with a handpiece. A little redness may appear, but this is a sign ofeffective thermolysis of the hair. They disappear within a few hours. In all cases, a repair cream is applied to soothe the skin.

What precautions should I take after a male torso laser hair removal session?

We recommend applying a soothing moisturizing cream to the torso for three days. The week following the laser hair removal session, you shouldavoid saunas, steam baths or any source of excessive heat. Last but not least, it’s imperative not to expose yourself to the sun’s UV ra ys without a high level of sun protection.

What are the results of permanent hair removal from the male torso laser hair removal ?

After the session, the destroyed hair gradually falls out. Over the course of several sessions (8 to 12 on average), chest hair becomes finer and regrowth slows down. By the second session, the effects of the laser are highly visible. By the end of the treatment protocol, at least 90% of the hair removed has disappeared for good. The torso has no visible hair and is softer to the touch.

Price of torso laser hair removal at Centre Epilium & Skin

The cost of a torso laser hair removal session varies according to the size of the area to be removed and the duration of the treatment. A quotation indicating the price and number of sessions to be scheduled is given to you in person before the start of the treatment protocol.

Torso 100 €
Torso + stomach + neck 230€