Definitive Back Laser Hair Removal for Men

A veritable revolution in aesthetic medicine,laser hair removal from the back is now a leading method for permanently eliminating hair. Its principle is to emit energy transmitted by the melanin in black hairs down to the root to destroy it.

The Epilium & Skin Center is equipped with the best devices to ensure safe and effective backlaser hair removal sessions.

Why get rid of back hair for good?

Back hair is mainly found on men. When excessive, it can become a real source of complexes. Getting rid of back hair for good doesn’t just have aesthetic benefits. Laser hair removal also saves time, money and convenience. It also avoids the medical consequences of conventional hair removal methods: no more ingrown hairs! Last but not least, laser hair removal from the back allows patients to rediscover their sense of well-being and reclaim their bodies.

What precautions should I take before a back laser hair removal session?

It’s important to remember that laser hair removal from the back is a medical procedure that requires experience and precision. To make it as effective as possible, you need to take certain precautions.

First of all, it’s important toavoid sources of heat and exposure to the sun for two weeks before the waxing session. This could increase the risk of burns. Also, as the laser is effective on very short hairs, you should consider trimming or shaving hairs longer than two mm. On the other hand, traditional hair removal (waxing, tweezing) is outlawed. Finally, make sure the area to be depilated is free of wounds or lesions.

How does a permanent back laser hair removal session at Centre Epilium & Skin work?

An initial consultation at Centre Epilium & Skin enables the doctor to find out about your expectations and your history, and to carry out an examination of your skin and hair. The protocol is always tailored to the needs of each patient.

During the session, the patient must wear protective eyewear. Back laser hair removal involves a harmonious sweep over the area to be removed. A soothing cream is applied at the end of the session.

What precautions should I take after a back laser hair removal session?

To speed up the disappearance of any redness caused by the laser, we recommend applying a soothing emollient for three days. For the first week after the session, you should also stay away from sources of excessive heat. Finally, for at least two weeks, the back should be kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible. In any case, you need to protect yourself.

At what age should I opt for back laser hair removal?

For men, we recommend waiting until the age of 30, when hormones have stabilized and hair growth is fully developed, to maximize the effectiveness of laser treatment and avoid any risk of paradoxical stimulation or regrowth. However, in the case of high density, and on the advice of your doctor, it is possible to start earlier.

To avoid any risk, you can also turn to another equally effective practice: electric hair removal.

What are the results of permanent laser hair removal on the back?

Destroyed hairs gradually fall out. The back becomes sparser and the hair thinner. At the end of a laser treatment protocol for the back (8 to 12 sessions), the skin is beardless. It’s also softer!

Price of permanent back laser hair removal at Centre Epilium & Skin

Depending on the area of skin to be waxed and the duration of the waxing, the price may vary. It is always detailed in an estimate submitted during the consultation.

Back + shoulders + neck 300 €
Upper back 100 €
Lower back 90 €
Shoulder + neck 150 €