How do I choose the best peel for my skin?

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How do I choose the best peel for my skin?

How do I choose the best peel for my skin?

For many people, the search for effective skincare solutions to maintain even, luminous skin and erase blemishes is a major preoccupation. With the advance of aesthetic medicine, peels have become one of the most popular and effective solutions. In this article, Centre Epilium helps you choose the best peel for your skin type and specific needs.

What is a peel in aesthetic medicine?

A facial peel is a non-invasive aesthetic medicine technique designed to improve the appearance of the skin by purifying it and restoring its radiance. This is achieved by removing the upper layers of the skin, allowing it to regenerate naturally. Controlled exfoliation is achieved by applying a chemical solution to the skin.

Peels can be used to treat a variety of skin problems, including fine lines and wrinkles, keratoses, stretch marks, acne scars, skin texture imperfections, seborrheic dermatitis and sagging skin. There’s a specific peel for every need and every skin type. The choice of peel always depends on your aesthetic goals, your skin and your tolerance to treatment.

To fully understand how the three types of
we need to look at the skin and its structure. It is organized into two layers: the epidermis and the dermis. Mild (or superficial) peels generally use natural fruit acids suited to sensitive, fragile skin. The medium peel is usually performed using TCA acid, which reaches the middle dermis layer, and not only provides an obvious radiance boost, but also reduces the appearance of fine lines and age spots. Finally, deep peeling is achieved by applying a phenol-based substance.

At Epilium & Skin, our peels are all from laboratories specializing in aesthetic dermatology and anti-aging medicine.

What new chemical peels are available from Epilium & Skin?

An innovative and effective new peel has just been added to the wide range of Epilium & Skin products.

RELIFE, DEFINISSE PEEL PROGRAM is a chemical peel that combines the benefits of traditional chemical peels with innovative active ingredients to deliver exceptional results. This peel has been specially designed to meet skin rejuvenation needs while being safe and suitable for a wide range of skin types.

RELIFE, DEFINISSE PEEL PROGRAM is therefore a versatile option for many patients. It’s effective for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring skin’s youthful, revitalized appearance, and improving skin tone evenness.

The RELIFE, DEFINISSE PEEL PROGRAM also stands out for its particularly rapid recovery time and its choice of carefully selected ingredients to minimize the risk of irritation or skin reaction.

Controlled exfoliation of the epidermis and thus stimulation of cell renewal takes place in three stages: Pre-peel (skin preparation), Peeling (Classic peel or lightening peel), Neutralization and hydration.

How do I know if Classic Peel and Lightening Peel are right for my skin?

The choice between different types of peel depends largely on your skin type and your aesthetic goals. Of course, the recommendations of your aesthetic medicine professional are crucial. The first consultation allows your doctor to assess your skin type and medical history, and to discuss your expectations.

Your doctor will remind you that Classic Peel is particularly indicated for treating superficial wrinkles, photoaging lesions, acne and acne scars. Lightening peel is best suited to those who wish to reduce the appearance of melasma, pigmentation spots or photoaging.

You can then make an informed decision as to which peeling treatment is best suited to your needs.

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